Como Bem “I Eat Well”

Focusing on functional superfoods, Como Bem introduces the 1st Acai Snow Kiosk in Oxford!

Made daily with Brazilian Acai Pulp, Coconut Water & Banana, Acai Snow makes an All-Day healthy & refreshing treat suitable for all ages.

Design your bowl with a wholesome selection of fresh fruits & delicious toppings.

For the ultimate super bowl experience, add Como Bem’s Coconut Milk soft serve and we guarantee satisfaction of the highest level!

Our menu is Vegan friendly & Guilt-free…Be warned, eating healthy can be addictive!


Opening Hours

Monday:11am - 5.30pm
Tuesday:11am - 5.30pm
Wednesday:11am - 5.30pm
Thursday:11am - 5.30pm
Friday:11am - 5.30pm
Saturday:11am - 5.30pm
Sunday:11am - 4.30pm