Easter Craft Activities

We’re just a few days away from Easter, and with most people spending the weekend inside their homes, now is the perfect time to get prepared! Make your own decorations with some of these simple craft ideas, courtesy of “The Best Ideas for Kids”.

Bouncing Bunnies

We absolutely adore these little bouncing bunnies! All you need is some coloured card, some strong glue or double-sided tape and away you go!

Step 1.

Cut equal length strips of card – One length for the body, and smaller lengths for the head.

Step 2.

Cross the strips of card over and glue them to each other, or alternatively, use strong double-sided tape!

Step 3.

Once all strips have been connected, roll them to the top to form a sphere.

Step 4.

Connect the big sphere to the smaller sphere to form the bunnies head and body.

Step 5.

Cut out shapes for the ears, eyes nose and teeth

Step 6.

Stick the bunny’s features on, and… Ta-Daaa! You have your very own Bouncing Bunny!

For more Easter inspired craft activities head to thebestideasforkids.com